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Presenting our full range of sustainable flexible packaging solutions developed together with the value chain partners.

Solutions Designed for Recyclability (DfR)

  • High Barrier Cast PP Laminate for Hot Fill Applications Ready for Mechanical Recycling

    Developed in collaboration with Windmöller & Hölscher, Henkel and GEA Food Solutions, this monomaterial cast PP laminate is the ideal solution for highly demanding food packaging applications.

    Based on Borealis cast PP grades to ensure excellent mechanical properties and Borpure™ RE539MF (novel Borstar Nextension PP technology) to enhance sealing performance, this laminate is made using a reverse printed cast PP top web and laminated onto a cast PP sealant web. It possesses high barrier properties achieved through the combination of EVOH (<5%) and barrier oxide coating.

    This Full PP solution provides long shelf life for food and ample shelf appeal. Using Borealis´ novel Borstar Nextension PP sealing material assures excellent pack integrity and very good machinability on the packaging line.

    BOREALIS Showcase Sample Pouch 260x195mm dev01 MOCKUP
  • >95% PP High Barrier Mono Material Pouch Enabled by PP Extrusion Lamination

    Developed in collaboration with Jindal Films Europe, Profol, Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging and Mitsui Chemicals, this monomaterial laminate is the ideal solution for high oxygen and moisture-sensitive food products.

    Based on BOPP and cast PP films and laminated with an extrusion lamination process, it ensures that the highest PP content for best recyclability (>95% PP) is combined with ultra-high barrier, excellent mechanical and sealing performance. It is made using a reverse printed BOPP film, a metallised high barrier BOPP web and a cast PP sealant web, laminated with Borealis HMS PP to provide high web stability and excellent bonding.

    This Full PP solution provides long shelf life for food and ample shelf appeal. Using Borealis’ high-performing PP extrusion coating grades, the laminate ensures excellent mechanical performance and high bond strength, combined with outstanding recyclability.

    Photo: Monomaterial Pouch
  • The Full PE Laminate, Tailor-made for Different Markets and Based on Latest Technologies

    Developed in collaboration with Hosakawa Alpine, Henkel, GEA, Metlux and Digimarc, these concepts address the needs of different product categories:

    • Gas barrier laminate for oxygen-sensitive products including modified atmosphere packaging, such as nuts or cheese.
    • Metallised laminate for moisture-sensitive food products, such as crisps, biscuits, and confectionery.
    • Laminate with 35% Ecoplast LDPE post-consumer recyclate for non-food applications, such as detergent powder. Ecoplast is a member of the Borealis Group

    In all three PE mono material solutions, BorShape™ provides the required mechanical and thermal stability performance, while Anteo™ combined with Queo™ delivers outstanding sealing performance.

    These concepts were thoroughly validated, and their sustainability was optimised in collaboration with leading industry partners. It uses the latest innovations that support circularity, including digital watermarking technology.

    Hosakawa Alpine Henkel GEA Metlux and Digimarc
  • The Full PE Laminate, Pouch-to-pouch Mechanical Recycling Proof of Concept

    Collaborating with Hosakawa Alpine, HP Indigo, Henkel, Karville, Elplast Erema and Digimarc, we have evaluated the recyclability of the Full PE laminate solution.

    In a first step, we produced a high-performing virgin PE laminate, optimally designed for recycling which includes the adhesive, and the print artwork features.

    Then, the laminate was turned into high-quality pouches before being mechanically recycled.

    The recycled PE was successfully processed on an extrusion line to produce a sealable PE film that is being used as part of a new PE laminate solution.

    The final laminate with rPE delivered good mechanical properties and excellent performance on lamination and packaging lines.

    See the video to learn more about this collaboration.

    The Full PE laminate, pouch-to-pouch

Solutions Based on Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR)

  • Baby Diaper Packaging Based on Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR)

    In a ground-breaking partnership, Borealis, Ecoplast, and NEEMANN, have launched new hygiene packaging containing PCR LDPE, produced exclusively from post-consumer waste, a large part of which constitutes municipal household waste.

    By using Ecoplast PCR LDPE (NAV 101) in combination with Borealis virgin PE enablers, NEEMANN successfully introduced more than 40% PCR LDPE into the production of its baby diaper packaging.

    Thanks to its performance characteristics, it is now being developed for use across NEEMANN’s hygiene packaging portfolio. The Borealis virgin PE boosters, Anteo and BorShape, enable the introduction of high PCR LDPE content. Discover more.

    Woman with diaper packaging
  • Packcycle: Improving the Circularity of Industrial Flexible Packaging Pallet Sheets

    In 2020, Borealis launched Packcycle, a dedicated project to improve the circularity of flexible packaging used in the transportation and distribution of products to our customers.

    Now, we will be using pallet sheets made with outstanding levels of PCR.

    Replacing more than 300 tons of virgin polyethylene annually, the redesigned sheets contain over 80% PCR Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) NAV 101 produced by Ecoplast, with Borealis polyethylene virgin booster and BorShape, to maximise PCR content.

    Following the success of these pallet sheets, Packcycle will be looking at new ways to introduce PCR into virgin material-based packaging. Discover more.

  • Collation Shrink Film for Transit Packaging with 65% PCR Content

    In a collaboration between Freiberger, alesco and Borealis, 65% PCR LDPE was successfully incorporated into a packaging originally made of 100% virgin PE, while reducing thickness to 20µm.

    This achievement was possible by combining efforts and solutions:

    • Ecoplast’s PCR LDPE NAV 101: this 100% post-consumer, transparent recyclate made from commercial and municipal household waste, typically provides low odour, low coloration, and reduced gel content.
    • Borealis virgin PE resin BorShape: this polymer is a mechanical booster, which enables the introduction of very high PCR content without the necessity to increase material thickness. It provides outstanding stiffness and toughness.

    From an industry perspective, this joint development highlights the outstanding circularity of shrink plastic film.

    Shrink plastic film is extensively used in B2B and B2C applications and has huge potential with regard to the reduction of fossil-based resource utilization, production and incorporation of PCR, and overall CO2 footprint reduction.

    This joint initiative won in the category of best Plastic Packaging Product of the year 2022. The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe celebrate achievements in the European plastics recycling industry. Discover more.

    Borealis Alesco Freiberger
  • Collation Shrink Film for Beverage Applications with 50% PCR Content: Plastotecnica

    In 2021, together with Plastotecnica, Amci and Ecoplast, we launched an application development program, aimed at accelerating the incorporation of post-consumer recyclate into multi-pack packaging for beverage applications.

    This partnership resulted in a packaging solution that incorporates 50% LDPE PCR using Borcycle™ CWT100VL - a new grade being launched by Ecoplast to deliver very low gel content which results in outstanding film appearance and print quality.

    Throughout the Borealis/Ecoplast flexible packaging offering, Borcycle™ CWT100VL is combined with our mechanical booster BorShape, which delivers optimal mechanical performance that enables the incorporation of more than 50% PCR without increasing material thickness.

  • Tissue Packaging with 55% PCR Content: Rani Plast

    In collaboration with Rani Plast and Ecoplast, we have developed a flexible packaging solution for tissue paper products containing more than 55% Borcycle™ NAV101L, a new LDPE PCR being launched by Ecoplast.

    Borcycle™ NAV101L is an improved version of the existing NAV 101 with best-in-class balance between circularity and gel performance.

    Borcycle™ NAV101L is still produced from post-consumer household waste for optimal circularity (in combination with commercial PCW) while the gel content was significantly reduced to provide excellent processability. This improved performance, including printing and excellent optics.

    Throughout the Borealis/Ecoplast flexible packaging offering, Borcycle™ NAV101L is combined with our mechanical booster BorShape, which delivers optimal mechanical performance that enables the incorporation of more than 50% PCR without increasing material thickness.

    Rani Plast

Solutions Based on Renewable Feedstock

  • Partnering with Cofresco and Neste on More Sustainable Household Films

    Cofresco, Europe's leading manufacturer of branded household cling film, foil and paper products, boosts the recycled and renewable content in their food bags and films now by using Borealis Bornewables™. Bornewables, polyolefins manufactured with renewable feedstocks, offer the same material performance as virgin polyolefins, yet decoupled from fossil-based feedstock.

    Renewable feedstocks derived from second-generation natural resources are considered an instrumental lever in raising the sustainability of plastics. They mitigate fossil depletion and help all players across the value chain reduce their carbon footprint.

    Bornewables grades selected by Cofresco are based on Neste’s RE™ feedstock, which is derived from renewable waste and residue oils. The final film formulation in production since early 2022 has a mass balanced renewable content of 70%. Discover more!

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