Thin Wall Packaging

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Combining efficiency with aesthetics, thin wall packaging is a lightweight yet sturdy solution to meet food storage and similar needs. Through close collaboration with our value chain partners, we have developed more efficient processing techniques that enable significant downgauging, resulting in market-leading material solutions.

Based on our proprietary Borstar® Nucleation technology, these materials strike a unique balance, perfectly combining high flowability, superior mechanical properties and, in the case of random copolymers, high transparency. High-flow materials can create a cycle time reduction of up to 20% for the convertor, resulting in energy and cost savings.

We stand out in the industry as one of the few polyolefin producers offering a comprehensive thin wall packaging product range. Our portfolio encompasses organoleptic high-flow blocks (with a melt flow rate of up to 100) and organoleptic and transparent high-flow randoms, as well as specialized solutions such as transparent materials optimized for low-temperature impact, ideal for ice cream packaging.


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