Sewage and Drainage

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Meeting modern sewage and drainage demands

Concrete and clay sewage pipe systems can fail due to soil settlement, damaged connections, leaking joints, corrosion or root penetration. This damage leads to exfiltration and infiltration, overloading the sewerage network.

Compared to old generation material, BorECO™ polyproylene (PP) pipes are tougher and corrosion-free, and can be installed faster and in longer sections, reducing the number of connections and avoiding potential leakage. They have an excellent durability track record and ensure decades of trouble-free pipe operation for the network owner, as well as contributing to sustainable wastewater management by reducing material and energy consumption throughout production, transportation and operation.

By using the BorECO™ solutions for waste and stormwater management, further benefits can be achieved:

  • Lower weight yet higher performance
  • Good stiffness combined with excellent chemical resistance and temperature performance
  • High impact resistance and ability to withstand ground movements leading to better environmental protection

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