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Borealis HE1878E-C2: Class 5 listing adds additional comfort for end-users

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Tailored for PE-Xa, Borealis HE1878E-C2 is already established on the market as a leading high performance, cost saving and safe material solution for crosslinked pipes in plumbing applications. Borealis HE1878E-C2 provides end-users with additional peace of mind as it meets the higher requirements of resistance to disinfectants in the hot and cold water pipe applications.

Borealis HE1878E-C2 has now further been accredited with the highest available chlorine resistance requirements according to the ASTM F876 standard for PE crosslinked pipes. Borealis HE1878E-C2 offers high temperature resistance, excellent flexibility and low creep. Its state-of-the-art stabilisation package also opens it up for use in certain industrial applications.

Borealis HE1878E-C2 has now achieved Class 5 listing, corresponding to the highest chlorine resistance rating in accordance with ASTM F876. This advanced accreditation of Borealis HE1878E-C2 not only opens up for further opportunities for pipe producers on the North American market; it also enables pipe producers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to differentiate their product offering from competitors.

In addition, Borealis HE1878E-C2 increases efficiency by reducing production steps, requiring the addition of peroxide only and minimising the risk of additive dosing errors. Moreover, it removes the need for separate additive purchasing and stockholding and improves safety through minimised handling.

Want to learn more? Download the product data sheet in the sidebar.

Pipes & Fittings

HE1878E-C2 Product Data Sheet English
Pipes & Fittings

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