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Borealis L.A.T introduces new N-Pilot® for nitrogen fertilizer management

Borealis L.A.T’s N-Pilot® allows farmers to identify the current nitrogen

Innovative new diagnostic tool to be showcased at the Innov-Agri 2014

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, announces that its leading fertilizer wholesaler and distributor Borealis L.A.T is launching the N-Pilot®, an innovative new diagnostic tool to help optimise nitrogen fertilizer application, in France. In light of the global challenge to feed a growing world population, efficient nitrogen management delivers the right amount of nitrogen at the right time to optimise yield quantity and quality as well as profitability whilst at the same time minimising environmental impact. A hand-held device used in the field, Borealis L.A.T’s N-Pilot® allows farmers to identify the current nitrogen requirements of crops quickly and conveniently. It provides specific analyses and recommendations that are used to fine-tune fertilizer application during the growing season.

Optimising application management for better nitrogen uptake and lower environmental impact

Successful nitrogen management involves assessing the varying requirements of different crops in different phases of growth, in different areas of any given field, and even from field to field. What is more, nitrogen requirements may also vary from year to year. Optimising nitrogen application helps improve profitability by enhancing yield, crop quality and grain protein content. Because the N-Pilot® determines the nitrogen requirements of the crop on site, it can provide instant and accurate field recommendations for fertilizer application timing and amounts in accordance with the actual nutritional status of the plant. The N-Pilot® is primarily suited for applications in grain farming, e.g. soft wheat, hard wheat (durum), barley, etc.

Professional farmers – whether farming alone or as part of a cooperative – will find it easy to use the N-Pilot®. The tool may also be used by seed suppliers and distributors as well as agricultural engineers. The precise determination of crop fertilizer requirements also helps farmers contribute more actively towards reducing the environmental impact of nitrogen fertilizers. It’s compatible / on the way to adapt to EU Nitrates Directive and is an especially welcome aid in reaching the current and future goals laid out by the EU Nitrates Directive.

The N-Pilot®: precise, highly effective and easy to use

The N-Pilot® is a hand-held optical sensor which continuously measures crop light reflectance via visible and infrared channels; the nutritional status of the crop is measured by way of two components, chlorophyll and biomass. The N-Pilot produces the same type of analysis that satellites do in precision-farming sensing, but at a ground level. The N-Pilot® operator walks through the field for approximately 20 seconds and receives an average measurement displayed for each pass. Upon measurement of around 14,000 plants – which may take less than 15 minutes depending on the size of the field – the diagnosis is complete and representative of the entire field. The recommendation displayed on the device for N application is expressed in kg nitrogen per hectare; the recommended application is expressed in terms of “directly available” nitrogen as found e.g. in DAN fertilizers (AN 33.5% or NAC 27).

The dedicated N-Pilot® smartphone application (running on Androïd and IOS) and website enhance usability and ergonomics. Users receive a personalised access account which allows diagnostics to be automatically sent and archived online for future use. The geo-referencing function enables users to track and trace their measurements for all fields and generate a record of past recommendations. The N-Pilot® is equipped with a yearly update function in order to allow for new crops or crop varieties as well as new firmware developments.

“We have further developed the N-Pilot® to help our partners in agriculture optimise their operations by maximising yields and minimising environmental impact,” explains Gerald Papst, Borealis Vice President Business Unit Fertilizer. “This new tool is the product of insights gained through over a decade of nitrogen fertilizer management and has been extensively tested in the field. We look forward to demonstrating the real benefits of the N-Pilot® to our customers and partners at the Innov-Agri in September.”

Borealis L.A.T will be on hand at the Innov-Agri 2014 in Outarville, France, where an N-Pilot demonstration will take place at B13 stand on 2 September 2014.


For further information please contact:

Lena Lehner, External Communications Manager
Tel. +43 (0)732 6981 5729 (Linz, Austria)

Borealis L.A.T’s N-Pilot® allows farmers to identify the current nitrogen

Borealis L.A.T introduces new N-Pilot® for nitrogen fertilizer management English, French
Borealis L.A.T’s N-Pilot® allows farmers to identify the current nitrogen
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Virginia Mesicek
External Communications Manager

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