April 03, 2024

Borealis to unveil first-of-its-kind sustainable cable jacketing solution at wire Düsseldorf 2024

In partnership with TKF and Alliander N.V.

Our energy business has been a reliable partner to the wire and cable industry for over six decades – even before the creation of Borealis through the merger of legacy assets of Neste and Statoil. We’ve been there for every twist and turn of the journey so far, and today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers as we tackle the industry's most pressing challenge yet: Sustainability.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Borcycle™ ME7153SY, a first-of-its-kind circular jacketing solution for low- and medium-voltage cables that marks a significant milestone in sustainable development for the wire and cable industry.

This fully formulated natural medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) jacketing compound contains 50% post-consumer recyclate, reducing CO₂e emissions during production by an estimated 0.2 kg per kg of compounded polymer – a 13% decrease compared to its virgin equivalent.*

While minimizing environmental impact, Borcycle™ ME7153SY delivers consistent, outstanding performance, with properties including:

  • easy processability
  • smooth surface finish
  • low odor
  • good environmental stress cracking resistance
  • UV resistance
  • low water permeability
  • easy to color

The product is part of our Borcycle™ M portfolio, which gives polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life.

*A cradle to grave life cycle assessment (LCA) according to ISO14040/44 was performed to evaluate the performance in 1 m cable, additionally looking at the partial carbon footprint of the compounded polymer containing PCR. Other environmental impacts were also assessed.

Borcycle™ ME7153SY, a significant milestone in sustainable development for the wire and cable industry

Borcycle™ ME7153SY, a significant milestone in sustainable development for the wire and cable industry © Borealis

Bart Verheule

Borcycle™ ME7153SY offers a consistent outstanding performance, while reducing the environmental impact and effectively closing the loop on plastic waste. Borealis is proud to be the go-to partner for virgin as well as for recycled material for the wire & cable industry.

Bart Verheule, Global Marketing Director Energy, Borealis

TKF is excited to share that, in partnership with Borealis, we are now able to provide high-quality cables containing a substantial amount of recycled material to our customers. This aligns with our shared objectives of decarbonization and minimizing plastic waste. We are committed to support the energy transition by offering medium and high voltage cables that facilitate the transmission of sustainable energy.

Daan Kuipers, Purchasing Manager, TKF

Alliander is not only looking to do more work, and to do it more clever, but also to make it more sustainable. We are proud that TKF, in collaboration with Borealis, is enabling us to make such a big step in sustainability for our MV cables. We are happy to be one of the first users in this landscape and we will continue to explore sustainable cable solutions.

Kheeann Slegers, Contract Manager Cables, Alliander N.V.

Borealis is showcasing Borcycle™ ME7153SY at wire Düsseldorf 2024, April 15–19. Let’s bring energy all around the world together!

Join us at Stand D72 in Hall 10 and discover how mixed plastic waste is transformed into this sustainable cable jacketing solution.

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Borealis solutions bring energy all around

Borealis has been a trusted partner to the energy industry for over 60 years, delivering innovative polyolefin solutions that help power our lives. Our portfolio includes high-performance compounds for wire and cables applications ranging from underwater power projects to transmission and distribution networks, communications, and advanced energy storage systems and capacitors.

With operations and joint ventures in the US (Baystar™ and Rockport), South Korea (DYM Solutions) and the UAE (Borouge), our reach extends well beyond Europe. This global presence widens our expertise and extends the impact of our work.

Our purpose is to reinvent essentials for sustainable living. As part of this commitment, we’re helping to accelerate electrification and the green energy transition through our proprietary technologies and advanced material solutions. These include technology platform Borlink™, sustainable engineering polymer class Stelora™, solar brand Quentys™, and Borclean™ capacitor film resins.

Meanwhile, our Borcycle™ M, Borcycle™ C and Bornewables™ portfolios are meeting demand for sustainable solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Independently certified by ISCC PLUS, these high-performance compounds are the tangible result of our EverMinds™ initiative to drive progress in the transition to a circular economy.

Borclean™, Borcycle™, Borlink™, Bornewables™, EverMinds™, Quentys™ and Stelora™ are trademarks of Borealis AG.


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