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Borlink™ LS4201EHV: Bringing the benefits of Supercure to Extra High Voltage

Bringing energy all around with Borlink

Building further on the excellent track record of Borlink™ LS4201S in the high voltage application, the introduction of Borlink LS4201EHV brings the benefits of the Supercure technology to the most demanding Extra High Voltage application including sub-marine cables.

Borlink LS4201EHV builds on the outstanding cleanliness (E-specification) associated with the classic Borlink LE4201EHV grade, merging that cleanliness characteristic with lower degassing burden and improved scorch performance. Borlink LS4201EHV provides valuable benefits for the cable manufacturers in terms of improved processing and optimised production cycle. Borlink LS4201EHV is produced based on base resin from the state of the art high pressure plant inaugurated in Stenungsund, Sweden in 2010. The insulation system combining Borlink LS4201EHV and Borlink LE0500 provides the superior performance for the most demanding application.

Borlink LS4201EHV is designed to provide:

  • Performance in accordance to IEC62067
  • Improved scorch performance compared to the classic Borlink LE4201EHV
  • Reduced degassing burden compared to the classic Borlink LE4201EHV
  • More robust compatibility with additives

Want to learn more? Download the full product specifications in the sidebar.

Bringing energy all around with Borlink

Borlink™ LS4201EHV Product Specifications English
Bringing energy all around with Borlink

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