September 07, 2020

Bormed™ InCompounds service solution: Expands the range of customised healthcare applications based on Bormed™ polymers

Bormed™ InCompounds enables the customisation of compounds based on Bormed™ for use in an even wider range of targeted healthcare applications and products. Bormed InCompounds builds on value chain co-operation with trusted and established partners in healthcare compounding.

The Bormed portfolio of high-quality polymers ranges from stiff polypropylene (PP) to soft PP, from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), to plastomers. Bormed InCompounds further expands the realm of opportunities for customised healthcare applications and products thanks to value chain collaboration with select healthcare compounders.

Through Bormed InCompounds Borealis collaborates with selected compounders, to offer customers the recognised Bormed quality, reliability and conformance also in the compounds and masterbatches they use. This enables them to manage or reduce the number of variables in their final products that are subject to regulatory approval and change management procedures. Furthermore, customers can generate diverse and highly tailored compounding solutions based on Bormed for healthcare moulding and film applications. These include a wide range of medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, and diagnostic devices. Specific examples include IV bottles and pouches, pipette tips, syringes and inhalers, to name only a few.

Each participating compounder is a trusted and established Borealis partner, which has fulfilled stringent selection criteria as a precondition to collaboration. For example, each must have a dedicated healthcare team composed of marketing and business development managers as well as application and regulatory experts; an established healthcare product brand; ISO 13485-2016, among other criteria.

At present, Bormed InCompounds involves close collaboration with long-standing and trusted Borealis partners Avient, Melitek and Wittenburg.

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