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Bormed™ PL8830-PH: The first controlled plastomers solution for the healthcare industry

Bormed™ PL8830-PH

Our range of Bormed™ polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for rigid and flexible products in the healthcare industry is now being expanded with the first controlled plastomers solution for the global healthcare market, Bormed™ PL8830-PH.

We are currently the only raw material supplier to offer a material that can bridge the gap between thermoplastics and elastomers.

The use of Bormed PL8830-PH yields advantages across the board, from manufacturer to end user:
High-performance: offers tailored performance attributes to meet the most stringent application requirements when blended with the other controlled resins of the Bormed portfolio.
Enhanced sustainability: using Bormed PL8830-PH instead of non-polyolefins yields a mono-material solution which is more easily recyclable

  • High pack integrity: can be achieved even at low temperatures, helping prevent damage to receptacles such as pouches, and producing a tight seal which reduces risk of outside contamination.
  • Simplified processes: less effort is required to evaluate potential interaction between the application or packaging material itself, and its contents.
  • Potential cost savings: allows for significant reduction of nonpolyolefin impact modifiers used to achieve performance properties like impact strength.

Want to learn more? Download the full product specifications in the sidebar.

Bormed™ PL8830-PH

Introducing Bormed™ PL8830-PH English
Bormed™ PL8830-PH

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