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Discover on our new PO Foam Solutions website how to meet your sustainability goals easier

The new website features information and resources on all our technologies and applications, helping you find the right sustainable solutions for your business. You will also find recent case studies on how our foam solutions were used to create a pioneering circular cup scheme, the food-to-go packaging of the future, and ultra-lightweight foamed air ducts for vehicles.
Meeting sustainability goals made easier with our high performing portfolio of resins

With information and insights into all our applications and technologies, our new website makes it easier than ever to find a wide variety of foam solutions that help meet your sustainability goals.

Benefit from our broad portfolio of resins, based on proprietary technology and made for ultra-lightweight foam applications, providing you with greater performance and better output from fewer raw materials. You will find examples of this in the case studies on the website, which detail tailor-made solutions for industries such as packaging, sport, transportation and construction. Learn how, together with Better Shelter for more than four years, we helped create cost-effective, durable, and ultra-lightweight modular shelter solutions with Daploy™ HMS PP. These 15,797 units in more than 36 countries helped deliver dignity, protection, and schooling space. Also, recently have been supporting partners with infrastructure for frontline staff and patients to Covid-19 response programs. You can also read how we helped create the Shrewsbury Cup, making innovative, recyclable, reusable packaging that significantly lowered carbon emissions.

You can view these case studies, and more, at

Do you want to learn more about this topic? Then please reach out to:

Denisa George, Application Marketing Manager
Phone:+44 78 279 724 91

Meeting sustainability goals made easier with our high performing portfolio of resins

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