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Enabeling innovation with versatile carrier resins for masterbatch and compound solutions

Masterbatch and compound manufacturers constantly seek new ways to add colour and functionality to plastics. Borealis can contribute to your success by providing high-quality polyolefins for masterbatch and compound carrier resins, innovative technologies, and the first-rate service our global customers have come to expect.
Polymer Solutions For Masterbatches Compounds

© Borealis

At Borealis, we bundle the combined force of our market know-how, long-term partnerships along the value chain, and broad product portfolio to support the development of innovative masterbatches and compounds. Carrier resins have a vital role to play when it comes to enabling design freedom, optimising manufacturing processes, improving end-use performance, and enhancing aesthetics.

This is why we are dedicated to helping our customers select the right material to fulfil specific end-user needs. Borealis masterbatch and compound solutions have enabled customer success in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, packaging, fibre, healthcare and automotive.


Any further questions? Then please reach out to:

Edwin Verdurmen, Application Marketing Manager - Concentrates and Polymer Modifiers

Polymer Solutions For Masterbatches Compounds

© Borealis

BROCHURE: Carrying Versatile Solutions Borealis’ Extensive Portfolio Of Unique Carrier Resins For Masterbatch Solutions English

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