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MB250WG for Appliances in Europe

MB250WG is a 20% mineral filled polypropylene compound intended for injection moulding. The product is available in natural and grey. It is used for various applications needing detergent resistancy, especially in the dishwasher.
Dishwasher © Borealis

What makes it special?

In the past MB250WG was only available in grey colour, and this limited its use. Borealis has developed a natural version, to give customer more flexibility. Borealis can support in choosing the right colour masterbatch to fit individual colour specifications: please just contact us.

Which customers benefit?

MB250WG natural offers excellent detergent resistancy also when combining with different colour masterbatches. The colour can be added directly on the injection-moulding machine, giving the costumer more flexibility.

Want to know more about the special features, physical properties and Processing techniques of the product?

Download the Product Data Sheet in the sidebar.

Dishwasher © Borealis

Product Data Sheet English

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