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More sustainable healthcare solutions and no change in regulatory status?

Do you want to achieve Healthcare product circularity and incorporate more environmentally sustainable polyolefins, which support you in reaching your carbon neutrality pledges? However, you are worried about the regulatory status and ultimately patient safety?
photo: © Borealis

A more environmentally sustainable polypropylene and polyethylene solution is possible today; with no change in product quality, specification, processing and regulatory compliance status.

Register and listen to the recording of our latest Borealis Healthcare webinar (duration 25 min) to learn which data-based evidence exists of no change in regulatory status of bio-circular polyolefins vs. conventional fossil-based ones.

This webinar, held in early December of 2021, created great interest and was well appreciated as being informative, fact based and helpful for your discussions, as it provides the much-requested evidence behind the confirmations of equality of renewable-based and conventional polyolefins.

Would you like to discuss more sustainable options for your healthcare product line? Please fill out our Healthcare contact form here. Our Healthcare Application Marketing Manager, Niya Petzold, will then contact you.

photo: © Borealis

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