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New feature for Oil & Gas: Project management with Check & Collect

Manage project related information/exchange easily and efficiently with Borealis via the MyBorealis customer portal.
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Since the launch in 2019, MyBorealis gained a lot of popularity. You can use MyBorealis to:

  • Download product documentation
  • Access orders and order documents
  • Re-order grades

Based on the feedback from our Oil and Gas customers, we developed a service to support you in project management with Check and Collect.

We see us as your partner in pipeline projects providing the service you need in this project driven market. Check and Collect provides customers 24/7 access, where you can reach out to us and:

  • Get technical or commercial questions answered online
  • Request quotations online
  • All exchange and information linked to the project is available online via the customer portal, independent of a single person’s mailbox

Increase your efficiency while preparing projects and reduce risk due to lack of access to documents, e.g. during audits. With Check and Collect you have all Borealis related offers, clarifications etc. at hand quickly, whenever and wherever you need it!

You can access Click and Collect via MyBorealis; Working with Borealis has never been so easy and comfortable!

Do you want to enable Check and Collect? Then reach out to your local sales manager.

© Borealis

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