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Next generation extruded cable compound technology supports extra high voltage direct current transmission

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Step-change innovation to provide increased efficiency and sustainability

Borealis and Borouge, leading providers of innovative, value-creating solutions for the wire and cable industry, announce a true step-change high voltage direct current (HVDC) innovation based on the Borlink™ technology platform. Developed in partnership with power and automation technology leader ABB, this major HVDC innovation, supported by a unique track record of 15 years proven operational excellence and industry leadership in extruded HVDC materials, will support the further integration of renewable energies into the grid and the establishment of more interconnections among countries in major infrastructure projects around the world. The new grade, Borlink LS4258DCE, will be introduced to industry partners at the 2014 Cigré Session in Paris, France.

New Borlink™ grade supports extruded DC transmission at extra high voltages

HVDC power transmission supports long-distance electricity transport without significant losses, providing higher efficiency and increased sustainability. The industry trend is clearly moving towards an increased need for higher capacity transmission at high voltage levels. Borealis and Borouge now introduce the next generation HVDC insulation compound, Borlink LS4258DCE, which, along with the accompanying HVDC semicon Borlink LE0550DC, enables the use of extruded cable technology at significantly higher voltage and transmission levels in instances where paper cables are traditionally used. Successful type test qualification of an extruded cable system according to the Cigré recommendation 496 has been achieved at 525 kV based on Borlink LS4258DCE and Borlink LE0550DC. This key performance indicator is made possible by the unique character of the compound providing a high level of both chemical and physical cleanliness to achieve the envisioned step-change in electrical performance.

This unique material is produced by the Borlink technology, which is a complete global package of power cable compounds and expertise with applications for high voltage (HV), including extra high voltage (EHV) and HVDC launched in 2012. Borlink LS4258DCE is an unfilled crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) compound based on the enhanced base resin technology Supercure.  The compound is designed to provide higher cable production efficiency in terms of a shortened cable production cycle, enabled by a significant reduction of degassing burden and improved scorch performance. Offering proven benefits to the industry, it is produced at Borealis’ state-of-the-art high pressure production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden, a plant recently supported by major investments.

Enhancing a proven track record of W&C innovation

As a long-time industry leader, Borealis is dedicated to helping cable manufacturers address the most pressing issues and future needs in the industry. For cable makers, Borlink LS4258DCE will provide step-change technical benefits as well as more efficient and more streamlined means of production. This innovative new grade enables the use of extruded cable technology to produce extra high voltage cables necessary for increased and more efficient transmission capacity. This allows transmission over longer distances and grid integration of remote renewable energy generation. Utilities will be able to benefit from this more efficient use of energy, leading to higher sustainability.

In addition to environmental benefits such as more efficient energy supply, Borealis’ innovation also brings a range of societal and economic benefits. An increased number of cables installed underground leads to fewer unsightly overhead lines, contributing to high reliability and contributes to ensuring no risk to human health. Enabling larger amounts of power from renewable energy sources to be delivered to the grid – for example from remote offshore wind farms – will help drive energy change. Making it possible for countries to trade energy by way of interconnectors also promotes energy efficiency and reliability at economic prices.

"Whilst Europe has been at the forefront of technological developments in this area, the trend is now becoming global," explains Anton Wolfsberger, Borealis Marketing Manager for Energy and Infrastructure. "The integration of renewables into the transmission system and interconnections between countries are key factors in achieving greater energy efficiency, and thus of great interest to both policymakers and the general public."

"Borealis' role as a leading innovator on a global scale will be further enhanced by this step-change technology innovation," says Gilles Rochas, Borealis Vice President for Energy and Infrastructure. "In line with our mission in Bringing Energy All Around, we will continue to cooperate with partners and customers along the value chain to deliver tangible benefits not only for the wire and cable industry, but for society as a whole."

Visit Borealis and Borouge at the 2014 Cigré Session from 25-29 August, stand 101, to learn more about Borlink LS4258DCE. A poster presentation of the new grade titled “Characteristics of candidate material systems for next generation extruded HVDC cables” will be given on 27 August during the D1 poster session (Paper D1-104).


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