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Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances

On-Demand Webinar is available now
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Gisela Lehner, Senior Application Marketing Manager for Appliances, Stephan Roest, Circular Economy Platform Leader and Eelco Smit, Sustainability Leader of Philips Domestic Appliances hosted a webinar on “How to reach your Sustainability goals in Appliances” and take action against climate change with Borealis circular economy solutions.

The objective of the webinar was to provide you the tools to pursue better environmental and economic outcomes while continuing to harness plastic’s many benefits.

Learn how you can ensure the circularity of plastics through:

  • Advanced Mechanical Recycling
  • Chemical Recycling
  • Renewable Feedstock

Register and watch the on-demand webinar for free
Did you miss this webinar? Here is a link to the registration page of the on-demand version with further information on the speakers & content.

On-demand webinar – Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances – Borealis

Any further questions? Then please reach out to:

Gisela Lehner, Senior Application Marketing Manager – Appliances

© Borealis

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