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Reach your sustainability goals with Bornewables™ BH381MO for thin wall packaging

Our first launch in the Bornewables™ family of products is the Bornewables™ BH381MO, a polypropylene solution manufactured with 30% sustainable, certified renewable feedstock (also known as bio-circular feedstock) for use in injection moulding process for thin wall packaging applications.
Our partners’ sustainability goals are now reached easier with the Bornewables™ family of products

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“At Jokey, we only want to use sustainable raw materials based on internationally recognised certificates. Shifting our material procurement more and more to circular or bio-based materials while maintaining existing quality standards is ultimately a task that we will only be able to solve together with our suppliers. BH381MO from Borealis' new Bornewables product line is a good example here," says Michael Schmidt, Chief Procurement Officer Jokey Group.

Bornewables BH381MO is based on the mass balance model and offers product properties equal to fossil-based product. This allows our partners to have a quick and easy transition from fossil-based polypropylene to a renewable feedstock based polypropylene. More information about the mass balance and the transition to a circular economy is also available on our EverMinds™ blog.

“With the launch of Bornewables BH381MO, we enable our customers to add a renewable solution to their portfolio and to meet their sustainability goals. Bornewables BH381MO is specially developed to promote a renewable solution in the food and non-food pail market. Thinking circular today will provide us, our partners and society with a better tomorrow,” says Mari Kylmälä, Borealis Marketing Manager Consumer Products.

Do you want to learn more about this topic? Then please reach out to:

Philip Knapen, Application Marketing Manager
Phone:+32 1145 9435

Our partners’ sustainability goals are now reached easier with the Bornewables™ family of products

© Borealis

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