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Soft Random Heterophasic PP

New: SB330CF
Roofing, photo: © Borealis

Borealis soft PP’s - and in particular SB330CF - are excellent starting materials for TPO compounds aimed at roofing, waterproofing and automotive membranes


Polypropylene (PP) families can be divided into Homopolymer PP (only propylene is polymerized), Random PP (propylene and some Ethylene is polymerized in one phase leading to improved optical performance), block or Heterophasic copolymers (Propylene and some Ethylene is polymerized in separated phases leading to improved impact performance), and Random Heterophasic copolymers (a combination of random and Heterophasic PP). The latter can be manufactured as flexible products with low Flex-modulus while retaining high thermal stability.


Until now, there have been limited options in the market for higher flexibility (lowest Flex-Modulus) Random Heterophasic PP’s. Such soft materials are used in a large variety of applications among which; TPO (thermoplastic olefin) compounds for flexible membranes for roofing, waterproofing and automotive applications. Depending on the specific application, the softness of the PP needs to be adapted to a level suitable for the end use. Often, very soft Polymer Modifiers like Polyolefin Plastomer & Elastomers are blended with PP to achieve the required level of softness for these applications. The stiffer the PP used, the more Polymer Modifier needs to be used.


The range of soft Random Heterophasic PP from Borealis, helps you tailoring the flexibility of your TPO more effectively. Compared to conventional PP materials, our new SB330CF with a Flex Modulus of only 330 MPa, needs less polymer modifier to reach Flex-Modulus values required for flexible membranes. Borealis soft PP’s - and in particular SB330CF - are excellent starting materials for TPO compounds aimed at roofing, waterproofing and automotive membranes… and not limited to those! The possibility to easily modify these materials in your own mixing process and with your own recipes allows you to tailor them freely to your needs.


  • Broad portfolio of Softer PP’s ranging from Flex-Modulus 500 to 330 MPa and MFR from 0,8 to 7 g/10min (230°C/2,16 kg).
  • Enable benchmark TPO production for automotive and construction industries.
  • Outstanding low temperature behaviour combined with high heat resistance.
  • Excellent starting resins for flexible TPO compounds for flexible membranes.
  • Provides customers with an alternative option when sourcing soft PP.

Any further questions? Then please reach out to:

Edwin Verdurmen, Application Marketing Manager Concentrates and Polymer Modifiers

Roofing, photo: © Borealis

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