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Sustainable Bormed™ solutions for Healthcare applications

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Poll Results Healthcare Webinar

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Craig Halgreen, Director Sustainability & Public Affairs and Niya Petzold, Application Marketing Manager Healthcare hosted a webinar on Sustainable solutions for Healthcare applications in Q4 2020 and gathered over 230 representatives from CDMOs, pharma companies and value chain partners.

The objective of the webinar was to provide more insight into:

  • how you can help pharma companies and CDMOs reach their carbon neutrality goals and pledges by reducing significantly the CO2 emissions when using Bormed renewable-based polyolefins
  • the difference between mechanical vs. chemical recycling and renewable-based feedstock and which one could offer a solution for the specific line of pharma products and medical devices
  • how you can make credible sustainability claims for your products without lengthy and resource consuming re-approvals

The webinar was a great success and showed that the healthcare industry is also making steps towards contributing to a more carbon neutral society. In the poll question during the webinar we asked the audience, which sustainability solution offers the most promising way forward for healthcare: renewable-based feedstock, chemically recycled feedstock or Design for Recycling.

The poll results confirmed that renewable feedstock is high on the agenda of pharma companies.

Did you miss this webinar? Here is a link to the registration page of the on-demand version with further information on the speakers & content:


Any further questions? Then please reach out to:

Niya Petzold, Application Marketing Manager - Healthcare

Poll Results Healthcare Webinar

© Borealis

Poll Results Healthcare Webinar © Borealis

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