BOPP & Heat Seal

As a leading supplier of polyolefins, we offer effective solutions for BOPP and Heat seal applications.

New products and material solutions for BOPP films that help our customers realise continuous improvements

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are used in a variety of modern applications, including:

  • Flexible food packaging
  • Printing and lamination films
  • Metallised barrier films
  • Stationery
  • Flower sleeves
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Cable wrap and insulation

As one of the leading producers of polyolefins in Europe, we offer a range of high-performance PP heat sealing and complementary PP homo-polymer grades for BOPP films. True to our company's motto, we keep discovering new products and material solutions that help our customers realise eco-efficient packages. What is more, Borealis innovations help reducing CO2 emissions and improve the circularity of flexible packaging.


Provider of high-performance PP heat sealing and PP homo-polymer grades

Although the sealing layers are rather thin, they provide the BOPP films with surface functionality and play an important role for post-handling processes. Among the key properties of our heat seal grades:

  • Low seal initiation temperature (SIT)
  • Very good seal strength
  • Excellent hot-tack performance
  • Superior optical properties
  • Exceptionally low extractables providing:
    • Low tackiness at sealing jaws
    • Low blooming and thus good optical properties
    • Stable surface properties, perfect for metallisation
    • Well-balanced rheology to enhance an improved thickness profile
    • Easy stretching

Our heat seal grades TD310BF, TD312BF and TD315BF provide an excellent thickness profile when used on high-speed BOPP lines.

Borealis also supplies non-phthalate based PP homo-polymer products for the core layer, including:

  • High clean PP homo-polymer (HC101BF)
  • High stiff and high clean PP homo-polymer (HC110BF)
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