Optimising packaging performance, functionality and cost for PP cast films

Polypropylene is among the leading packaging materials which are widely used in Cast film extrusion. In recent years, PP cast films have gained market share in both traditional flexible packaging as well as non-packaging applications, e.g.

  • Laminated films
  • Food packaging films
  • Peelable lidding films
  • Stationary films
  • Technical films for surface protection

Typically these films are multi-material structures. Such multi-layer film solutions are of enormous advantage in optimising packaging performance, functionality and cost because they combine the properties of the different components in a synergistic way.


Trends in packaging

Product innovation is a continuous process due to the fact that the needs of customers as well as the environmental requirements are continuously changing. The mega trends in packaging are

  • Food safety and freshness, resulting in higher legislative demand of raw material
  • Easy-to-open packaging & convenience corresponding to the change in society
  • Sustainability as key-buying criteria for materials
  • Brand power
  • Increased efficiency and simplification

Promoting packaging innovation with high-quality & high performing materials

Borealis offers a wide range of PP grades that are ideally suited for processing on cast film lines which are often used in combination with aluminium and other plastic films, including PET, PA and polyethylene (PE).

Our hetero-phasic (= block) copolymers incorporate an ethylene-propylene rubber during a separate phase of the polymerisation process, offering:

  • Matte surface
  • Low transparency
  • High degree of toughness
  • Good stiffness
  • Extremely wide temperature range, spanning the gamut from freezing to sterilisation

The high molecular weight block copolymers BB213CF, BA110CF and BC918CF are used in many different types of retortable food packaging – from soups and sauces to solid foodstuffs and pet food.

Our PP random copolymers, polypropylenes with statistically incorporated C2 monomers, offering:

  • High degree of softness
  • Excellent heat sealing properties
  • Extremely low stress whitening
  • Best optical properties (e.g. gloss and haze) of all PP grades

Borealis´ PP homopolymers are available with different additive packages and as well with nucleation. These materials offer:

  • Excellent processability
  • High heat resistance
  • Very good stiffness / toughness balance
  • Good optical properties (e.g. gloss and haze)

E.g. the high crystalline PP-homopolymer HD905CF is a suitable grade for hot fill applications, whereas the PP-random copolymer RE239CF is typically used in thick cast films as it provides excellent optical film properties and a low sealing initiation temperature.

Secure supply of high-performance grades

As a leading supplier to the PP cast film industry for decades, Borealis can guarantee a reliable supply of high-performance materials for a variety of applications in advanced packaging. By working closely with our partners along the entire value chain, we keep discovering new ways to optimise packaging performance while at the same time delivering cost-efficient solutions to our customers.

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