Energy and Climate

Energy and Climate

Controlling global warming is among the most crucial challenges the world faces today. Borealis has therefore identified improving its energy efficiency and reducing emissions as a material issue and made it one of the three focus areas in its sustainability strategy.

Reducing the energy consumed by Borealis’ operations improves the Group’s cost efficiency and is crucial for its competitiveness. Energy use is also Borealis’ biggest source of emissions, so lower energy consumption benefits the environment.

Borealis’ products and solutions also help to reduce emissions. Although plastics are energy intensive in their production process, seven times more energy is saved during their use and recovery than is required to produce them. The entire energy network relies on plastic materials, from power cable insulation to pipeline coating and natural gas supply. Borealis’ advanced Energy solutions play a key role in securing access to energy, by making power grids more robust, reliable and efficient and by allowing the transportation of renewable energy over long distances.

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