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Projects and Partnerships

Achieving a truly more sustainable world is a challenging task. As a chemicals and plastics company, it is imperative for Borealis to engage in improving a number of environmental and sustainability risks that are material to us, for example plastic pollution, microplastics, chemicals safety or the energy transition. Achieving a more sustainable business requires careful consideration of all potential consequences and is most easily achieved, when many band together and pull the right strings. Borealis is proud to have founded or joined several initiatives and partnerships that work towards achieving the goal of more sustainable business practices.

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Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty

From the start, Borealis supported a global and legally binding UN Treaty against Plastic Pollution. In 2022, we joined the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty of over 100 companies, finance companies and NGO's, who share the vision to reduce plastic production and use through a circular economy approach.

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Initiatives and Commitments


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