Borealis Social Fund

Borealis Social Fund

Businesses can only grow sustainably in a healthy environment and stable society. To foster its role as a socially responsible company, Borealis has established the Borealis Social Fund.

To maximize the impact of Borealis’ social engagement and to align activities with the company’s sustainability strategy, Borealis has defined three areas of social engagement: Education & Social Integration, Water & Energy, and Waste & Resource Efficiency. In addition, the Borealis Social Fund also supports people in crisis situations (natural disasters, pandemics or war) by providing ​financial or non-financial support (materials, expertise, manpower) to NGOs.

Our Focus Areas

  • Emergency Relief

    The Borealis Social Fund also provides support in crisis situations, such as natural disasters, war and refugee related movements, or health crises. Support can be provided in monetary form, through expertise/ man-power, or through in-kind material donations.

    • During the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe, Borealis supported initiatives to help refugees in Austria, such as through the construction of a playground for children at the asylum center in Traiskirchen, Austria.
    • During Covid-19, the Borealis Social Fund collaborated with the social business initiative Mask Republic to develop a new model of washable and re-usable face masks, based on the Borealis melt blown fiber material.
    • Following Russia's war in Ukraine, the Borealis Social Fund provided donations in 2022 to several organizations, used for immediate relief and long-term recovery.
    • In response to the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria in February 2023, the Borealis Social Fund contributed to 34 of the 200 container houses in Adana, Türkiye, which were set up to house families temporarily, while the affected area was being rebuilt.
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Project Funding

The Borealis Social Fund engages in numerous projects that address global challenges through its three focus areas. The fund defined a clear selection criteria, which enables Borealis to make transparent decisions when selecting or deselecting projects. This ensures that the selected projects provide maximum impact on society and that they are in line with Borealis’ sustainability strategy. The Borealis Social Fund also aims to support a good balance of projects by geography, target groups, and topics addressed.

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