Steel Pipe Coating

Anti-corrosion protection and thermal insulation for long distance/high pressure pipelines

Reliable service and quality from one end of the pipeline to the other

In an industry that builds pipelines to last for a very long operational time, it is essential to offer stable and reliable products in connection with dedicated services - reaching from the long initial planning phase of a pipeline project through to the hot phase of completion and follow-up troubleshooting. As a reliable partner, Borealis continues to offer innovative polyolefin solutions for safer and longer-lasting pipelines to help its partners meet the challenges in exploration, construction, and supply.

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High-quality materials and service know-how

As a leading global supplier, Borealis has earned the trust of its partners via our three-pillar approach consisting of

  • The best process fit (high and stable coating capacity utilization, minimal material usage close to tolerances)
  • Fit-to-purpose functionality (general physical coating protection ability), also for future generation pipelines (natural gas, oil, water, hydrogen, and CO2 transportation)
  • An extensive service offer (logistics, technical service and application knowledge, reliability and trust, global coating specification know-how, proactive documentation handling, and security of supply)

Versatile use of Borcoat™ systems across applications and regions

For more than three decades, Borealis has been a solution provider and one-stop shop for polyolefins in the O&G industry. Our customers value our well-known stability and reliability of our product offering and technical services. Thus, we remain a reliable and trusted partner.

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