Queo™ Plastomers & Elastomers

Enabling innovation with plastomers and elastomers

Queo™ plastomers and elastomers close the gap between classic thermoplastic products and rubbers, exhibiting both plastomeric and elastomeric properties. This is achieved through efficient and uniform incorporation of octene as comonomer and by using a specialised metallocene catalyst.

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Queo is closing the gap between thermoplastic products and rubbers. By incorporating increasing amounts of 1-Octene comonomer into the ethylene backbone structure, Borealis is able to supply Queo solutions that provide our customers with significant benefits:

  • Reduced crystallinity
  • Improved flexibility and low-temperature impact
  • Decreased density

Queo is a key brand in our ongoing drive to be a global provider of innovative solutions in polyolefins.

Introducing the Bornewables™ line of Queo™- a range of plastomers and elastomers based on renewable feedstock

The new product lines meet customer demand for circular solutions:

  • The Bornewables™ line of Queo: Bio-based plastomers and elastomers
  • Borcycle C™ Queo™: Chemically recycled plastomers and elastomers

Produced with ISCC PLUS–certified renewable feedstocks, Queo represents an expansion of the already available Bornewables™ and Borcycle™C portfolios of circular polyolefin products, which offer the same material performance as fossil-based polyolefins, yet decoupled from fossil-based feedstock.

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