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Anteo™ FK1820 & FK1828: Enabled by Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology

Multi-layer film made with Anteo™ FK1820 in skin layer processed in state of the art blown film line

Anteo™ based on the Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology completes the Borealis and Borouge polyethylene portfolio in flexible packaging, offering unlimited possibilities once combined together with BorShape™, Borstar® LL, Queo™, PP and LDPE to deliver the best in class full solution in demanding applications.

Anteo™ FK1820 & FK1828 are Bimodal Terpolymer LLDPE produced using the proprietary Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer Technology combining easy processability with outstanding sealing performance, good optics and superior mechanical properties. Film made with Anteo™ FK1820 & FK1828 exhibits a unique combination of low seal initiation temperature (SIT), high hot tack force, wide sealing window and outstanding puncture and tear resistance. Anteo™ FK1820 & FK1828 used in combination with Borstar® and BorShape™ Bimodal LLDPE offer the best in class solution for high performing film allowing further downgauging in flexible packaging.

  • Anteo™ FK1820 contains Antioxidant and Polymer Processing Aid (PPA).
  • Anteo™ FK1828 contains Antioxidant, Polymer Processing Aid (PPA), Slip Agent and Antiblocking Agent.
  • Anteo™ FK1820 & FK1828 can be processed in most types of blown film equipment. The product is well suited for co-extrusion with BorShape™ FX1001 or BorShape™ FX1002 and Borstar® LLDPE’s.

An example of a typical high transparent BorShape™, Anteo™ based film solution allowing high output and further downgauging potential combined with outstanding pack integrity is illustrated below.

Want to learn more? Download the full technical specifications in the sidebar.

Multi-layer film made with Anteo™ FK1820 in skin layer processed in state of the art blown film line

Anteo™ The New Ingredient For Complete Success Product News English
Multi-layer film made with Anteo™ FK1820 in skin layer processed in state of the art blown film line

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