Borealis offers a wide range of recyclable polyolefin consisting of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for blow moulding applications.

Functional and environmentally friendly plastics

Lightweight and robust plastics can help make packaging forms such as bottles more consumer friendly than traditional materials like glass and aluminium. Yet the material demands posed by manufacturers and consumers alike are varied and complex. Converters require highly reliable and cost-efficient materials which can be used with a variety of production techniques, including extrusion blow moulding (EBM), injection blow moulding (IBM) and injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM). Materials must:

  • Provide for easy processing
  • Enable downgauging
  • Offer good mechanical properties, including ideal balance between impact/stiffness as well as stiffness/chemical resistance
  • Be suitable for applications requiring high stiffness and top loads

Manufacturers, brand owners and consumers also demand excellent organoleptic properties.


Wide range of advanced polyolefins for packaging solutions

Borealis offers polyolefins for packaging solutions produced through blow moulding processing techniques. Our range consists of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for blow moulding applications. These materials can be used to produce bottles or bottle-like containers for wide-ranging applications. We deliver advanced solutions to fulfil today's sophisticated market demands, but offer additional benefits as well. Because they are made from recyclable polyolefins, our plastic materials for bottles are more environmentally friendly. Thanks to downgauging, plastic bottles have become lighter while maintaining durability and strength.

Borstar®: the cutting-edge technology for functionalised packaging

Borealis offers materials based on our own Borstar® multimodal technology which allows for the tailoring of polyolefin molecular structure to meet specific customer demands. Borstar is the only existing advanced technology designed for PE and PP which offers such a high level of process and product tailoring. Its polymers exhibit good flowability as well as the ideal balance between good mechanical properties and processability, and chemical stiffness and resistance. For converters utilising EBM, IBM and ISBM techniques, our PP materials for bottles offer:

  • Potential for weight reduction when compared to other transparent materials such as glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polycarbonate (PC) thanks to PP density
  • Enhanced safety for consumer (no breakage)
  • Excellent processability
  • Excellent clarity and transparency
  • Balance of high stiffness, good impact and temperature resistance
  • Potential for hot filling
  • Very good organoleptics
  • High line productivity
  • A global supplier to rely on

For over 50 years, Borealis has been a leading supplier of superior polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions. Thanks to our unique and proprietary technologies and our deep understanding of customer needs and market demands, we provide a portfolio of advanced products and services which create real value for clients and partners.

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