Thin Wall Packaging

As the market leader in the thin wall packaging consumer area, Borealis offers a full product portfolio based on our Borstar® and Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT) proprietary technologies.

High flowability and good mechanical properties

Our customers and value chain members benefit from excellent material performance and advantages including cost effective processing, down gauging possibilities and quality assurances for a broad range of material applications.

Clear benefits with an impact

  • High flow BNT materials, which can be processed and cooled quickly reducing cycle times
  • Good balance of mechanical properties, including stiffness and impact
  • Excellent organoleptic properties (no taste, no odour)
  • High transparency with random copolymers

Proven technology for sustainable results

Our materials, based on Borstar® and BNT, make it possible to combine the three critical requirements of high flowability, good mechanical properties and in the case of random copolymers, high transparency. We are one of few companies offering a full product portfolio for the thin wall packaging market; organoleptic high flow blocks (MFRs up to 100), organoleptic and transparent high flow randoms (BorPure™ grades) and also specialties, e.g. transparent material with good low temperature impact (Borpact™ SH950MO) for ice cream packaging.

Borstar® Nucleation Technology
Borstar® Nucleation Technology

Increasing value by working together

Borealis works closely with value chain members to enable down gauging and increase productivity. For example, high flow materials with BNT can create a cycle time reduction of up to 20% for the convertor, depending on the part and application, resulting in energy and cost savings. Our customers have been able to down gauge their design due to the higher flow and improved mechanical performance in several instances.

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