As a reliable supplier with a comprehensive product portfolio, Borealis provides the materials that ensure good performance and stable quality in housewares.

Adding value from manufacturer to end user

Our partners and customers along the entire value chain benefit from cost effective processing of materials. Borealis works closely with its partners to find novel applications for safe and convenient items, including food storage containers, toys and household storage boxes.


Material advantages offer the edge

  • High-flow BNT materials which can be processed and cooled quickly giving cycle time reduction
  • Good balance of mechanical properties, including stiffness and impact
  • Good organoleptic properties (no taste, no odour)
  • Good transparency with random copolymers
  • Adding value by working with our partners and customers

Borealis works closely with our partners and customers to add value and reduce costs. Depending on the product and application, high flow materials up to MFR 100 combining our proprietary Borstar® and BNT technologies can in fact help achieve cycle time savings of up to 20%. Such savings benefit the entire value chain and make our lives as end users of housewares more enjoyable.

Borstar® Nucleation Technology
Borstar® Nucleation Technology
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