Providing access to affordable and safe healthcare

As the world's population grows in number (predicted to reach nine billion in 2050), it is also ageing. The challenge here is not so much in demography, but rather the need for more accessible, convenient and safer medical applications.

From disposable syringes to new injection devices for insulin, unbreakable transparent bottles to one dose packaging eye treatments, advanced polyolefins are making healthcare packaging and applications safer, more affordable and easier to use for patients and professionals. Borealis offers a dedicated grade range of Bormed™ polyolefins including both PE and polypropylene (PP) grades for rigid and flexible products, ensuring a consistent approach to the medical and healthcare market, independent of conversion technology or polymer type.

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Committed to a high standard of health and safety at work

Borealis has also a longstanding goal of creating a culture of employee health and safety as well as achieving zero accidents in its operations. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment and promoting work-life balance for its employees is part of the company's core value of responsibility.

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