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Carrying versatile solutions

Building on our proprietarty technologies we provide an extensive portfolio of unique carrier resins for masterbatch and compound solutions

Enabeling innovation with versatile carrier resins for masterbatch and compound solutions

At Borealis, we bundle the combined force of our market know-how, long-term partnerships along the value chain, and broad product portfolio to support the development of innovative masterbatches and compounds. Carrier resins have a vital role to play when it comes to enabling design freedom, optimising manufacturing processes, improving end-use performance, and enhancing aesthetics.

This is why we are dedicated to helping our customers select the right material to fulfil specific end-user needs. Borealis masterbatch and compound solutions have enabled customer success in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, packaging, fibre, healthcare and automotive.


Highly versatile masterbatch and compound carrier resins

Thanks to our broad portfolio of masterbatch and compound carrier resins, we can offer a wide range of products that fulfil a variety of technical specifications: from narrow to broad molecular weight, from low- to high-flow, and flexibility in use of either universal or special carrier systems.

Our masterbatch and compound carrier resins

The high levels of pigment, additive, and filler loading made possible by excellent dispersion behaviour result in true compatibility for a wide range of applications. The versatility of our products has been employed/exploited to produce novel applications in consumer products, automotive, wire and cable, and other application areas in which a higher relative contribution of the carrier resin is required. Borealis customers benefit from the advantages offered by the unique and extensive Borealis polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) families:

  • Pelletized and powder (not stabilised)
  • Easy handling
  • No dust, easy conveying
  • High bulk density
  • Easy mixing with other pellets
  • Long pellet shelf life
  • High quality levels
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