Authorized Economic
Operator (AEO)

The international security environment has changed over the years. Several initiatives to implement global terms and standards concerning risk management within the supply chain and customs processes have been created in response.

In 2005, the EU introduced the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) concept as one of the main components of the so-called security amendment of the Community Custom Code.

AEO status has been granted to parent company Borealis AG and the majority of Borealis locations in the European community. Borealis is currently in the process of seeking AEO status for those Borealis locations which have not yet been certified.

Borealis is proud to have been acknowledged as a trustworthy organization fulfilling stringent criteria, including customs compliance, appropriate record keeping, financial solvency and, where required, appropriate safety and security measures .

Borealis remains fully committed to fulfilling its legal obligations concerning AEO and has taken appropriate measures to secure our business and the international end-to-end supply chain from a customs perspective.

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