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The Bornewables™

Meet your sustainability targets with ISCC Plus-certified polyolefins produced from renewable feedstocks.

Embrace circularity with our new Bornewables™ portfolio

Introducing the Bornewables™, our new portfolio of circular polyolefin products. Manufactured with renewable feedstocks, these premium polyolefins offer the same material performance as virgin polyolefins, yet decoupled from fossil based feedstock.

Innovative Bornewables products may be used in a wide range of applications in various industries, and are even suitable for food-contact packaging and healthcare applications.

Unlike renewable feedstocks produced with agricultural crops grown for food and livestock feed, the Bornewables are made of renewably-sourced feedstocks derived solely from waste and residue streams: from vegetable oil production as well as oil waste and residues; the timber industry; the food industry – for instance, used cooking oil. From a sustainability perspective, re-using waste to manufacture renewable feedstocks further enhances the Bornewables appeal.

At the beginning of 2020, Borealis began producing polypropylene (PP) based on renewably-sourced feedstocks at our facilities in Kallo and Beringen, Belgium, a milestone on the journey to replacing fossil fuel-based feedstocks in the large-scale commercial production of PP.

Our promise to you when selecting the Bornewables™ for your sustainable portfolio


We’re always looking for new ways we can contribute to the circular economy and produce reliable materials that don’t cost the earth.

Quality & Health

We make sustainable polyolefins without reducing quality or safety standards.

Renewable Feedstock

We help you to decouple from fossil resources by using renewable feedstock from waste and residue streams.


We want to lower our environmental footprint and with Renewable PO we take action against climate change.

Visible Progress

By using the Mass Balance Model, we can offer quality and sustainable standards your customers expect, while progressing the transition to a circular future.

The Mass Balance Model

Today, we all use plastic for its many properties and benefits. But we need these benefits to come with no cost to the planet.
To achieve this we must make and use plastics more sustainably, and ultimately in more circular ways, using recycled and renewable feedstocks. That change is not as simple as flipping a switch. It’s a journey. And we need to make visible progress as of now.

Chain of Custody models can help move us forward by increasing the proportions of sustainable feedstocks we use. And right now, we believe the best chain of custody model is with Mass Balance. It offers us the greatest set of benefits and the best path to visible progress for circular plastics, while building stakeholder trust in the right Chain of Custody model. This will help us to track, trace and verify the sustainability of those feedstocks throughout the chain to make it more visible and tangible.


The Bornewables portfolio is another example of how Borealis is implementing the EverMinds™ mindset in practice to facilitate the transition from a linear to a circular economy. We invite you to join us and embrace circularity by using the Bornewables portfolio for existing or future applications.

The Bornewables™

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