Sustainability Performance

Sustainability Performance

Borealis is committed to transparent reporting on its sustainability performance and welcomes this as an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue with its key stakeholders. Borealis publishes on non financial information as part of the Group’s Annual Report, describing how it manages and performs on its most material environmental, social and governance issues.

Our Annual Report contains non-financial information published in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option, as well as the Austrian law for non-financial reporting (Nachhaltigkeits- und Diversitätsverbesserungsgesetz – NaDiVeG).

Key environmental performance indicators1)

1) Environmental data might be subject to minor adjustments due to ongoing audits and missing third-party data at the time this report was finalised. // 2) Minor adaptations occurred due to the annual ETS audit. // 3) Severe upsets led to significant emergency flaring during shutdowns; in addition, there was a lack of recycling capacity. // 4) The main reason for the increase is the integration of the plastics recycling company mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH into the monthly group reporting.

Health and safety performance indicators1)

1) Suppliers of raw materials, chemicals, additives and other commodities and hauliers are excluded from the TRI statistics; Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH, mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH are excluded from incident action completion rate. // 2) 2022 shows HC/PO and Fertilizers Melamine and TEN separately, whereas the years before data has been reported consolidated. // 3) Definitions were adjusted in 2021 to be aligned with OMV definitions. A comparison to previous years is therefore not possible.

External recognition and cooperation for supply chain responsibility

Each year shortly after the publication of the Group Annual Report Borealis participates in the EcoVadis CSR assessment to assess the company’s sustainability performance compared to our peers. The assessment covers the categories of environmental impact, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. In 2022, Borealis received a score of 77 points in the EcoVadis assessment.

Recognising that the most effective sustainability results are not obtained in isolation, Borealis has partnered with other chemical companies to encourage improved sustainability performance of chemical supply chains. The initiative Together for Sustainability (TfS) assesses supplier sustainability through assessments and audits, the results of which are shared with the programme members. Borealis’ suppliers are encouraged to take part in TfS CSR assessment, or similar.


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