Education & Social Integration


Young people's ideas, creativity and skills will determine the future of the economy and social stability. Educational systems therefore need to adopt a framework and practices that enable young people to develop the right skills. By stimulating enthusiasm for science and chemistry at an early age, today's young and inquisitive minds will become tomorrow's leading scientists and innovators.

Borealis therefore supports programmes that motivate children and young people to learn more about science and to consider a scientific career. Borealis co-finances and provides technical expertise to experimental laboratories in the countries that are home to its innovation centres – Austria, Finland and Sweden.

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Social Integration

Helping refugees become part of the community

In light of the refugee situation in Europe, Borealis has supported a number of initiatives to help refugees arrive and integrate into Austria in the long term.

One of the projects supported through the Borealis Social Fund is the construction of a playground for refugee children at the asylum centre in Traiskirchen, Austria. Designed and implemented by Architektur2000, the colourful and exciting playground will give children the chance to enjoy themselves, be children again and forget – at least for a few moments – their desperate and often dangerous escape from their homes in crisis regions. For the adults, the area serves as a meeting place to connect and build relationships with other refugee families.

Borealis has also donated to SOS Kinderdorf (SOS Children's Village) and Caritas Austria. The donation is being used to provide homes for unaccompanied refugee children, to help refugees learn German and prepare for school and work, to support integration and to organise cultural awareness dialogue sessions. Borealis also supported the Emirates Red Crescent's refugee relief efforts in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

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Supporting welfare organisations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

For many years, Borealis has supported leading social organisations in the UAE through the Borealis Social Fund:


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